A competitive math party game. The prompts given were "education" and "resolution".


Winner of BCIT Choice Award

BC Game Jam 2018

Grid based puzzle shooter, where the player controls a time cop that has to fight his way through hordes of C-Rexes. The player and the enemies have the ability to move, wait and shoot. It is up to the player to think of a way to out smart the enemy pathing and successfully kill all the enemies with a set amount of actions.  


Personal Project


Move Over! is a co-op game where players have to traverse a map carrying boxes to clear the rooms before the time runs out. Players will have to coordinate to help each other move the boxes around and keep out of the way of someone carrying a precious cargo. This game can be played from 2 - 4 players.


Personal Project


Cicatrice was an ambitious story telling game, where the player controlled a robot in a refugee transport, tasked with keeping the people of the vehicle safe. Things start to go south as you wake up one day and find that the captain of the crew has been murdered. 


Personal Project


Nocturne is a 2 player competitive horror game in which one player acts as a librarian and the other player acts as a stalker. Made over a 3-day period in Unreal Engine 4 by three team members. 


Hat Jam 9

September 2015

Tetriscape was created in two days for the VFS Hat Jam 8, with a theme of "retro remix". Combining the themes of Tetris and Asymmetric Information, we created a platformer using Tetris' mechanics to build a path of randomly-generated blocks to help your hero escape and reconnect with his estranged and angry wife, whom is throwing the blocks at him. Tetriscape was made by a 3 person team, where I was working as Character and Environment Artist.


Winner of Best Art Award

Hat Jam 8 March 2015

A Kitty To Kill For is a 2D mystery visual novel where the player acts as a detective in a rainy city trying to solve a case about a missing cat. Made over a 2-day period in Renpy by three team members. 


Hat Jam 10 

February 2016

Lucky Duckies is a 3D puzzle game on mobile where the player is guiding ducklings home to their nest while avoiding enemies. 


Personal Project


Carrion is a PC third-person tactical RPG that puts the player in the shoes of two highly augmented cyborgs fighting for survival in a futuristic city, switching between bullet-time tactical mode to assess and assign characters’ moves, and an action mode, using life-saving maneuvers, in Carrion's harsh combat scenarios.


Winner of Best Final Project

Vancouver Film School July 2014

The Adventures of Jiggly Jeffery is a third person 2D side-scrolling platform game. Players navigate themselves through different obstacle course elements by running, jumping, climbing and crawling. Players must also dodge attacks and collect power-ups as they go. The goal is to make it through the course and collect the Big Treat as the final reward.


Vancouver Film School 

Jan 2014


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